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Azureridge Estate Wedding – Chris and Katie

November, usually chill, but on Katie and Chris’s big day, it felt like a warm hug from Mother Nature. The Azureridge Estate Hotel was the dreamy setting for a celebration that was all about good vibes, love, and some serious intentionality. These two, known for being as cool as cucumbers, threw a wedding that perfectly mirrored the thoughtful and purposeful way they go about life.

Azureridge wedding

Downtown Calgary Engagement – Amber and Matt

I’ve known Amber and Matt for a few years now, and I think I can speak for all their friends when we have been WAITING for this moment. These two are a perfect match and you can tell they are just so happy to be in one another’s presence. When Matt messaged me asking me to capture their engagement there was no way I was going to miss this moment! We quickly put together a plan based off a photo I had taken a few months earlier that Amber had expressed her obsession with. After the proposal my husband and I had the honour of being the first two people to pop the champagne with them and celebrate!

Heritage Park Wedding Calgary – Micah and Joly

Welcome to the enchanting tale of Joly and Micah’s union—a celebration of love that unfolded in the heart of Calgary at the picturesque Heritage Park. From a deeply personal church ceremony to a night of joyous dancing, their wedding day was nothing short of magical.

The Commons Calgary Wedding – Katy and Cam

Katy and Cam’s wedding was a picture-perfect celebration of love against the vibrant backdrop of downtown Calgary. Nestled in the heart of the city, their special day unfolded at The Calgary wedding venue The Commons, a chic venue that perfectly complemented their modern style and timeless romance. As the bustling cityscape provided a unique setting […]