Downtown Calgary Wedding – Tavis and Danielle

In the heart of downtown, love took center stage as Danielle and Tavis celebrated their wedding day in a storybook setting that blended tradition, elegance, and modern charm. They had the perfect Calgary Wedding. The day started at Davielle and Tavis’ shared home where the groomsmen put together their finishing touches. Tavis’ has a cherished relationship with his parents so they both participated in the process of preparing their son. The bride got ready for the day at her Mom’s beautiful home. Danielle got ready with her best friends and her sister. The girl’s getting ready outfits were a nod to her Italian heritage as they were “Nonna Dresses” a nod to her grandmother’s classic attire.

The picturesque St. Luke’s Church set the stage for a heartfelt ceremony, where vows were exchanged amidst the warmth of family and friends. Danielle’s family priest performed the ceremony which added to the sentimentality of the ceremony. Then, following the ceremony, the newlyweds and their bridal party embarked on a photo adventure through the streets of downtown Calgary. Their timeless wedding attire complimented the stunning architecture of Calgary’s downtown. The iconic Calgary Library provided a stunning backdrop for capturing the wedding portraits, with its architectural marvels and contemporary design. We also ventured over to the Fairmont Hotel which added a touch of luxury to the portrait session.

The couple concluded the night celebrating at Silver Springs Golf Course. There their guests enjoyed signature cocktails and a delicious meal. This location was a perfect place for them to dance the night away with all the people they love!



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