Feeling confident in your photographer is huge. I will do everything in my power to make sure you are feeling confident every step of the way. That starts by replying to your emails/texts/calls quickly because I would never want to keep you waiting and increase that wedding planning stress in any way. We are planning for the greatest day of your life! This is supposed to be fun! 

As well, I back-up your images and then back-up my back-ups. Partway through your day (typically right around the reception time) I'll slip away and put all of your images on my laptop. So, even before I've left your wedding I have two copies of your images. Then, after I've captured your entire day, and my feet are completely exhausted, before I crawl into bed, I back your pictures up one last time on an external hard drive - there are 3 copies of your photos until date of delivery! So there is NO chance of losing the pictures from your best day. 


I can't wait to celebrate with you. 

I want to capture your day in a way that speaks to you. I am an artist with a vision, but this is your day. I want your input! Do you want a ton of pictures of your guests dancing? It's done. Do you want extra time to do lots of artistic shots of the couple? You've got it. Sneak out of the reception for a quick sunset session? Sounds great! 

I'm going to do everything I can to make you feel at ease. My style is journalistic. I focus on getting candid images that accurately portray your day. (Don't worry - I'll also get a couple straight on smiling shots for your mantle) However, this does mean for the majority of the day you can just enjoy your wedding and I will be there just as personal paparazzi. And then, when we do sneak off to do some more posed photographs you can enjoy the playlist I created specifically with you in mind, while I give you motion-based prompts designed to make you laugh and have a genuinely good time - that I can proceed to capture on camera.  

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I'm a photographer for all people and all love. I'm here for laughing so hard you snort. I love honest and authentic love. The kind of love that fully recognizes that your partner is undoubtedly the love of your life but it's still pretty annoying when they don't do their dishes. I'm here for couples who's perfect friday night is spent tangled up in each other while watching the latest binge-worthy show. I'm here for the real and the raw. 

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Stephanie is genuinely interested in getting to know you personally so that she can have your personality reflected in the photos. The photos that she takes are absolutely stunning with a variety of candid, motion and classics. During the shoot, Stephanie was creative in her approach and brought us to spots and little nooks that we never would have guessed would turn out so beautiful. We had asked Stephanie for a creative engagement spot and she had no hesitations about it and jumped to the challenge! We are absolutely in love with our photos. To top it off, Stephanie sent us a hand written card in the mail to say thank you for choosing her. If you're looking for a photographer for ANY occasion, I highly recommend Stephanie. She is creative genius and will make you feel so comfortable with her bubbly personality. 

"She is a super human."

I want to be with someone who dreams of doing everything in life and nothing on a rainy Sunday afternoon

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