Hi, I'm Steph.

We define ourselves by the people, places, and things in our lives. Then they change and there’s nothing to remember them by but the photographs we take in our minds and on our cameras.

I grew up on big farm in Southern Alberta surrounded by nothing but wide open fields and family.
My love of photography started young and I can distinctly remember the first time I captured a photo I was immensely proud of. The photo was of my sister in our backyard at a family BBQ. It was not long after that I begged for a "good camera" from my parents. So at the precious age of 16 my love for this art was born. 
I captured my first engagement session when I was 19 for that same sister. Then as news through my tiny community grew that I was an aspiring photographer this journey began. 
I believe that inspiration can come from anywhere.  But, my greatest inspiration comes from human connection, natural light, vulnerability, architecture, great movies, slow music and when the sun streams in through the window just right. 
Every session is different, just as every couple is different however, my goal always remains to capture you artfully as you are. 
A core value that I hold as a photographer is that trust needs to be at the very core of our relationship. Any photographer can go in to a beautifully designed wedding and take pretty pictures. It requires openness from both of us to timelessly encapsulate the emotions from the day. I want you to text me when you buy your dress and update me about your planning. I want to feel like we are genuinely friends before the wedding day even happens. 
 Now if you've gotten this far I want to thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little bit. But I also want to say this, if none of what I've said here has resonated with you, that's okay. I may not be the right photographer for everyone, however, I am the perfect photographer for some. And if you are feeling that connection, please inquire! I can't wait to get to know you too.  

It's so nice to meet you


I met my husband when I was 15 years old. He is a kind and quiet man. He towers over me at 6'4 and while his stature will absolutely scare away a stranger in the night he is the most gentle soul. Our story is not one of love at first sight or even third or fourth sight. Because even though we met when I was 15, our story technically started when I was 22 and completely uninterested in having a boyfriend... but we went for a drink to catch up... and that drink has blessed us with a home together, a golden retriever named Louis and our beautiful daughter Sophia.

My love story

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