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McDougal Center Calgary Engagement – Kass and Mike

There’s something about the energy of downtown that brings out the best in people, and this is especially true for couples.

River Cafe Wedding Calgary – Cheyanne and Scott

So they decided to plan an impeccable beautifully intimate lunch ceremony at the River Cafe in Prince’s Island Park in Calgary. This way that no matter what they would be able to celebrate their love with at least the closest of their friends and family. They started the day with a beautifully intimate first look at the Central Public Library. They followed this up with an incredibly fun reception where the rest of their family and friends joined them to dance all night long.

Winter Wedding Calgary – Ethan and Savannah

Ethan and Savannah are just two of the most precious people you will ever meet. Their love story started when they were teenagers and blossomed into a beautiful once in a lifetime love. I hold a special place in my heart for these two because they did a short engagement just like me! My favourite […]

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