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Downtown Calgary Engagement – Amber and Matt

I’ve known Amber and Matt for a few years now, and I think I can speak for all their friends when we have been WAITING for this moment. These two are a perfect match and you can tell they are just so happy to be in one another’s presence. When Matt messaged me asking me to capture their engagement there was no way I was going to miss this moment! We quickly put together a plan based off a photo I had taken a few months earlier that Amber had expressed her obsession with. After the proposal my husband and I had the honour of being the first two people to pop the champagne with them and celebrate!

McDougal Center Calgary Engagement – Kass and Mike

There’s something about the energy of downtown that brings out the best in people, and this is especially true for couples.

Wednesday Room Calgary Engagement – Katie and Chris

One of the greatest compliments you can give a photographer is to refer them to someone you love, but also knowing that the person that is being referred is a friend of someone I enjoyed working with makes me so excited to work alongside them! It’s almost like you are a step ahead in getting to know them because you know their friends. This is especially true for Katie because although I didn’t know Katie growing up, I did know the bride that referred her for MANY years before I shot her wedding. So it automatically makes me feel like I’ve known Katie forever 🙂

Inglewood Calgary Engagement Session – Joel and Lisa

This session is one of my favourites I’ve done so far! Lisa and Joel were so incredible to work with and I’m so thrilled that they trusted me to bring a creative idea I was sitting on for a while to life! I love finding inspiration in the unexpected. And bringing this vintage TV I […]