Banff Elopement – Chelsea and Ken

I had the pleasure of capturing Chelsea and Ken celebrate their love twice!! In June we planning an elopement 2 weeks in advance and in September we celebrated again with all their closest friends and family.

Two weeks before June 6th, Chelsea and I were chatting about how Ken and her were just READY TO BE MARRIED ALREADY. Which then lead to me checking my calendar, Chelsea ordering a dress online and suddenly planning an elopement.

Chelsea’s father had recently gone through some pretty significant health complications and so ensuring they could celebrate their love with him was important. As well, Chelsea has always been very close with her parents, so when the opportunity to elope on their wedding anniversary arose, it seemed like everything couldn’t be more perfect.

The spot that eloped at was a spot I had photographed another couple at only a few weeks further and these two trusted with me to choose the spot they would exchange their vows. The wedding was officiated by Chelsea’s brother and the only guests were the closest family members.

If I told you I balled like a baby through this entire celebration of love… that would be an understatement. This day was so genuine and full of love.



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